Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee - Walking Path

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The walking path named after Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee connects 5th Main, Malleshpalya to 6th Cross, Kaggadasapura.

Opened on 6th April 2015, it is actually only a part of the 3.5km perimeter Kaggadaspura Lake. The rest of the work is happening in phases and it may take upto a year to make the whole perimeter of the lake walkable.

The current path is 1.5 km and a walkers paradise. Walkers of all ages starting from toddlers to the elderly can be seen here especially in the mornings and the evenings.

The plan is to have a senior citizens park also as part of this initiative.

This is a very welcome development.

When the lake is cleaned up and the garbage dump near 5th Main is scientifically managed then the whiff of bad smell at the 5th Main entrance would also disappear.

The hope is to bring back the lost glory of Bangalore as a "Garden City".

DRDO Shopping Complex

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The shopping complex inside D.R.D.O. township is a small old style commercial area with lots of peaceful open spaces to sit around, fulfilling the needs of local citizens.

The big evergreen trees in the entire township are an important lung space for the congested areas around.

One can also go for a morning walk inside the township and enjoy the fresh air. The area teaches us by showing how urban areas need to be planned to have the greenery as well and how useful trees are to our daily life no matter how much we earn.

The shopping complex houses a post office, an eating joint, a bakery, a men's salon, juice shop, icecream shop, a tailor, a shoe shop and a gift shop.

Children's Play Area - Near Malleshpalya Bus Stand

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Inaugurated in Jan 2015, the Children's play area is near Malleshpalya Bus Stand, near 1st Main, Malleshpalya.

Apart from play area for children below the age of 12, it also has an adult open gym whom anybody above the age of 12 can use.

The age restrictions should be strictly followed since the equipment is designed for the particular age group. Usage of adult equipment by smaller age groups can lead to injury. A fine is also leviable - but is mostly for disciplinary sake. Citizens are advised to follow the guidelines for their own safety.

When using the equipment the footwear should be left outside the marked area to avoid soiling the equipment and for its long life.

The children play area consists of 2 sets of swings, 1 merry-go-round, 2 slides - 1 linear and the other spiral and 1 double seating see-saw.

The open gym consists of equipment for belly crunches to reduce fat, seated shoulder bull worker that uses your own weight to exercise the shoulders, a 3-at-a-time twister to help with back pain, a hand rotater to reduce pain due to spondilitis of the neck region, a waist swinger to exercise the under belly area. Many elder people come here in the morning and evenings for regular exercise and be healthy.

There are a few benches to sit and relax. Many use this to sit and do "pranayama" to reduce stress.

The open gym and the play area are a welcome step giving much needed space for common citizens for relaxation with their children.

BEML Ground

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The BEML ground near Malleshpalya Bus Stand, near 1st Main, Malleshpalya, is a great place to unwind.

Frequented by all age groups for their exercise and playing needs, this place always teems with the force of so many cricket and football playing groups.

Each cricket team formed by a handful of youngsters is a joy to watch. You will find many a skilled batsman and bowler in these teams.

The weekends are especially charged with the various teams playing through the noon and sweating out for a win.

Each round of it is 550 meters. So you will find many walkers going anti-clockwise to reduce their fat or to be fit.

Easily, a great place to be. And as always, the best things in the world are FREE.

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